Are Genius people lonely?

Genius people

The idea of being lonely can be scary, but for anyone who has lived with loneliness, it is even scarier. If you are a genius or someone that struggles to understand other people’s feelings then you likely feel the same way. Not talking to others and not understanding their feelings might seem like a great way to avoid feeling lonely, but it just makes things worse. Genius people need the love and support of others to function properly.

Although it is often accepted, being a genius is not always easy. There are many instances of geniuses being alone and feeling lonely. It’s a hard life to live because people don’t always understand you.

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Many people have been theorizing that there is a link between genius and loneliness. In the past, people felt that those with great intelligence were more likely to be antisocial or even evil because of their lack of social connection. The relationship between genius and loneliness is an interesting one and also raises many questions about mental health.

People with genius are often lonely. They are willing to take the risks of being an individual, even if it means being alone. This is because they have a deep understanding of what is important to them and what makes them happy. Their time is spent mainly on their work where they can be creative and pursue their passions.

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It is said that genius people are generally lonely, and it has been shown that they often suffer from social anxiety. Researchers believe that higher levels of intelligence cause people to be self-absorbed and unable to appreciate others. This behaviour makes it difficult for them to find love or intimacy.

A study found that about 10-15% of geniuses are not active in social interaction, which suggests that being highly intelligent definitely doesn’t equate to being better adjusted. Some researchers have theorized that this may be because they are too busy solving other people’s problems.

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